American Airlines

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Here are shots of American aircraft at various locations in the United States.

A BAC 1-11 taxis for takeoff from Boston on
a shuttle flight to New York in June, 1970.
(Added 5/4/06.)

707s and 727s cluster at the old American terminal at Boston
in these early 1970s views from the control tower observation deck.
(Two added 5/4/06.)

A BAC One Eleven taxis at
Buffalo, New York on October 2, 1966.

A 777 nearing touchdown at
Los Angeles in December, 2003.

It is March, 1971 and American Airlines has just acquired
Trans Carribean Airlines. This former TC DC-8 is arriving
in Boston on an American flight, not yet carrying any American titles.

In this August 1962 scene at Boston, Electra Flagships
San Francisco and Los Angeles occupy adjacent gates.

Here a 727 in its original color scheme
taxis at Boston in April, 1967.

A 707 displays its original color scheme in
this August 1962 view at Boston. Notice the observation
deck in front of the contol tower.

A DC-6B sits at the ramp while an Eastern Constellation
in the new color scheme taxis past in this March 27, 1966 view.

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