Boston Subways/Elevateds

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Here are shots of heavy rail rapid transit lines in Boston, Massachusetts, USA..

In June, 1987 this train of Hawker-Siddley cars
is departing Wonderland Station on the Blue Line.
(Added 3/1/07)

Nearing the end of their service life, a train of 1924
Pullman-built cars leave Airport Station for Revere
in October, 1978.

Beachmont Station sees a pair of 1951
St. Louis Car Co. cars on August 16, 1964.

A 1951-built train arrives at Suffolk
Downs Station on August 16, 1964.

Another 1951 train arrives at Wood
Island Park station on August 16, 1964.

Another 1951 train is south of Revere Beach in its
new "Blue Line" color scheme on June 17, 1965.

Here is Revere Beach Station and a
four-car rush hour train on June 8, 1968.

It's January 14, 1964 and a Main Line El train passes
Arborway Station, which is full of Mack buses and PCC cars.

An 01100 train bound for Everett enters
City Square Station on August 16, 1964.

On a quiet August evening in 1964 an El train
stops at Green Street Station in Jamaica Plain.

In March, 1962 there remained a few 0900 series cars as
evidenced by this shot of Sullivan Square, Charlestown yard.

A southbound 01100 train approaches Thompson
Square, Charlestown on August 16, 1964.

On Jnne 17, 1965 an 01100 train descends into the
subway after leaving North Station, Boston.

In the mid-60's experiments with the grey-white-yellow
color scheme included this pair of El cars approaching
Forest Hills station on March 12, 1967.

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