Boston Trolleys

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Here are shots taken in Boston, Massachusetts.

In the early 1950s a fantrip brought this Center Entrance
train to Watertown. (I didn't take this photo, but I really like it.
It and the one below are the only ones on this site I didn't take.)
(Added 5/14/06.)

It's the 1940s and Type 4, Center Entrance, and PCC
cars congregate at Lechmere Station for their runs over the
viaduct, elevated and into the subway. (I didn't take this photo,
but I really like it.)

Breda LRV 3805 stops at Washington Square, Brookline,
outbound for Cleveland Circle on February 19, 2004.

It's the 1970s and the MBTA has finished rebuilding
the track on the outer Riverside line. A three-car train of
picture window PCCs pauses inbound at Eliot Station.

Ex-Dallas PCC 3336 stops at Milton
Station enroute to Mattapan in June, 1968.

Ex-Dallas PCC 3345 loops at
Ashmont Station in this June, 1965 view.

Ex-Dallas PCC salutes a New Haven
caboose and an Alco RS Locomotive at
Butler Station in January, 1964.

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