Eastern Airlines

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Here are shots of Eastern aircraft at locations in the United States.

An L-188 Electra takes off from Boston
on an Air Shuttle flight in March, 1974.
(Added 5/4/06.)

April 1, 1967 sees this Constellation on approach
to Boston on an Air Shuttle flight from New York.

Constellations, a DC7 and a Mohawk Convair at Boston's Logan
Airport on April 17, 1965. Usually the Connies were for the New York
Shuttle; the DC7s for the Washington Shuttle.

Three constellations await service on the Air Shuttle to
New York in this August 1962 view at Boston's Logan Airport.

Again it's August, 1962 and a Constellation departs the
Boston Eastern Terminal as another arrives from New York.

After the Constellations were retired, Lockheed Electras served
the Air Shuttle. This is at the gate in Boston on March 27, 1966.
Another Electra taxis out in the distance.

Eastern had this large hangar in Boston, built to handle its jet
aircraft such as this Super DC-8 shown in a circa 1970 view..

The parking garage above Boston's Eastern Terminal enabled you to
look down on the gated aircraft, such as this 727-100 in December 1973.

In this November 1987 shot, an A300B climbs out of
Boston on an"Air Shuttle Plus" flight to New York.

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