Miscellanous Airlines

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Here are shots of varied aircraft taken in the United States and in Europe.

A TAP 707 taxis for takeoff at Boston in March 1971.
(Added 4/15/06.)

An Air France 707 and a BOAC VC-10
on the tarmac at Boston in September 1972.
(Added 4/15/06.)

An Air France cargo 747 taxis past the
United terminal at Boston in May, 1976.
(Added 1/18/06.)

A Lufthansa cargo 747 is under tow at Boston in July 1981.
Behind it, protruding from the TWA hangar, are the remains
of an L-1011 that burned at the gate one night.
(Added 3/2/06.)

A Lufthansa cargo 747 and a TWA 707
freighter at Boston in July, 1981.
(Added 4/15/06.)

An Air Florida 737 taxis at Boston in September 1982.
(Added 3/2/06.)

Leading a taxi line for take off is an
Arrow Air 707 at Boston in April 1983.
(Added 3/2/06.)

Bound for Milwaukee a Midwest Express
DC9-10 folds its gear as it climbs out of Boston
in November 1987.
(Added 3/2/06.)

It's May 1988 and this Midway 737 is arriving at Boston..
(Added 3/2/06.)

A Capitol DC-8S climbs out of Boston in July 1983.
(Added 3/2/06.)

A New York Air 737 is towed at Boston in June 1986.
(Added 3/2/06.)

The American League's (baseball) ex-Eastern
DC-7 sits at Cleveland, Ohio on May 6, 1967.
(Added 1/18/06.)

A Flying Tigers Super DC-8 taxis at Boston in October 1973.
(Added 1/9/06.)

An Iberia DC-10 taxis at Boston in November 1974.
(Added 1/9/06.)

A Finnair DC-8 rests at Boston in September 1974.
(Added 1/9/06.)

At Amsterdam's Schipol Airport a KLM DC-9
sits on the tarmac in this April, 1974 view.

A National Airlines Electra II approaches
the gate at Boston in October, 1965.

It is May 11,1984 and British Caledonian DC-10s line up
at London Gatwick as a Northwest 747 taxis in the distance
with an unidentified L-1011 lifting off behind.

In April, 1974 this BAC 111 is at the gate at Amsterdam's Schipol Airport.
The recent merger of British Airways and British European Airways is
evident from the BA titles on an aircraft still in BEA colors.

An Air India 747 taxis to the terminal at
London Heathrow on May 25, 1984.

An Olympic Airways airbus approaches the gate
as a British Airways 737 rotates at takeoff at
London Heathrow on May 25, 1984

A Northwest 720 taxis at Cleveland Hopkins
Airport in this June 27, 1967 shot.

After a quick downpour a Northwest 727-100
departs Pittsburgh on April 9, 1967.

A Quantas 707 at London's Heathrow in April, 1973.

A Trans-Canada Airlines Vanguard on the
apron at Stephenville, Newfoundland in August, 1961.

A fleet of British European Airways Tridents
lined up at London's Heathrow in April, 1973.

An Air Lanka L-1011 arrives at Zurich in May, 1984.

A British Airways VC-10 at the gate in
Boston in the late 1970s.

A British Overseas Airways Corporation 707
at the gate at London's Heathrow in April, 1973.

One of Northwest's Electras taxis at Cleveland on June 25, 1967.

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