Pan American Airlines

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Here are shots of Pan Am aircraft in the United States and in Europe.

707 N425PA, "Clipper Virginia", is on
approach to Boston in September, 1974.
(Added 5/4/06.)

707 N766PA, "Clipper Jupiter ", arrives
at Boston in August, 1974.
(Added 5/4/06.)

DC-10-30 N82NA, "Clipper Aurora",
climbs out of Boston in July, 1983.
(Added 5/4/06.)

747 N754PA, "Clipper Ocean Rover"
arrives at Boston in September, 1974.
(Added 4/15/06.)

747 N742PA, "Clipper Neptune's Car", arrives
London Heathrow in April, 1982.

707 N415PA, "Clipper Monsoon",
arrives at Boston in February, 1966.

A DC-8 taxis at Boston in this March 1970 view.

The good old days of Pan Am and its significant Boston presence.
Here at their gates in August, 1971 are two 707s and the daily 747
from London Heathrow.

Wearing the last color scheme, 727 "Clipper Argonaut", approaches the
Boston terminal on a shuttle run from Laguardia in October, 1987.

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