Here are personal photos.

Here's one of our frequent visitors. There is a group of three birds that visits throughout the day, often chasing each other away from the food. Sometimes one of the birds will hover at the dining room window, looking in.

Here's the view from the front door looking southwest. The "road and fence" is part of a new dam just built literally at our front door. It's designed to prevent flooding in the valley from the 100 year flood, which hasn't ever happened to anyone's knowledge.

The mountains are of the Santa Monica chain, leading toward Santa Barbara. A friend said that perhaps, on a January day after it rains, we might see some ocean in the distance.

Here's the view from the front door looking southeast. You can see the "flood" channel dug out leading to the dam.

This view is limited because of the mountain/large hill rising behind the road, Westlake Boulevard. The moving van is included because it's ours, arriving with all our personal effects, all 11, 800 pounds of them.

More pictures later...

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