Santa Fe

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The Super Chief leaves Chicago on August 31, 1968.
Notice the interesting equipment in the adjacent 21st Street Yard.

At Joliet, Illinois in November 1966, Santa Fe's Chief (at left) awaits a
highball. In the center the Grand Canyon arrives, just ahead of GM&O's
The Limited. At the right a string of GP20s move a piggyback train west.

Santa Fe's Chief leaves Dearborn Station, Chicago on November 12, 1966.


Again at Joliet, Illinois in November 1966, and the
Super Chief/El Capitan awaits a highball for Chicago.

EMD and GE road units haul autoracks
west through the Joliet, Illinois station.

Passenger-schemed F units lead a westbound freight
at Joliet, Illinois in November, 1966.

The "Grand Canyon" and Gulf, Mobile & Ohio's "The Limited",
both westbound, stand at the Joliet station.

The "Texas Chief" for Chicago arrives at Joliet, Illinois in November, 1966
behind a trio of brand new General Electric U28C locomotives.
ACF-built sleeper "Palm Leaf" brings up the rear.

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