Amtrak 1971-1975

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Here are shots of Amtrak trains in the first few years of the corporation's existence.

It is April 30, 1972 and the City of San Francisco is being washed
after arrival in Chicago. An interesting collection of equipment!
(Added 9/5/10.)

West of Chicago the City of San Francisco roars by on April 27, 1972.
(Added 7/15/10.)

Approaching Providence, RI enroute to Boston is a typical early
Amtrak "mini-express"; a coach, snack-bar coach and a weary
E unit, all tired Penn Central equipment.
(Added 7/15/10.)

Here in January 1975 a turbo train loads and leaves at Providence.
(Added 9/6/10.)

In December, 1974 there's more refurbished
equipment. Here is 8398, a former UP diner on
the Merchants Limited at Providence.
(Added 7/15/10.)

Still more more refurbished equipment with
lounge 3710, ex-PRR Thomas Jefferson at Providence.
(Added 9/6/10.)

In December 1974, Amtrak's new
SDP40PH 649 is at Providence station.

(Added 7/15/10.)

In 1975, Amtrak E8 277 shares the
Providence station with PC 4254.

(Added 7/15/10.)

In February, 1974 a Metroliner sits at New Haven, CT
having just arrived from Washington..
(Added 7/11/10.)

Ex-PC, NYC sleeper "Keene Valley" at 14th Street, Chicago on April 29, 1972.
(Added 7/7/10.)

Ex-NP coaches 586 and 587 at 14th Street, Chicago on April 29, 1972.
(Added 7/7/10.)

Ex-SCL diners 5951 and 5952 at 14th Street, Chicago on April 29, 1972.
(Added 7/7/10.)

Ex-UP coach 5335 at 14th Street, Chicago on April 29, 1972.
(Added 7/7/10.)

Ex-Burlington Dome Parlor Observation "Silver Terrace" brings up the
rear of a St. Louis-bound train at 14th Street, Chicago on April 29, 1972.
(Added 7/7/10.)

Ex-PC 12th street yard at Chicago in April, 1972.
(Added 9/6/10.)

Dome sleeper 9201, ex-C&O, sits
in the Chicago yards in April, 1974.
(Added 9/6/10.)

Ex-Burlington sleeper "Silver Iris" on a
westbound train at Chicago in April, 1972.
(Added 9/6/10.)

The "Illinois Zephyr", with all Burlington Northern equipment,
moves eastbound through La Grange, Illinois on April 30, 1972.
(Added 7/7/10.)

Ex-Burlington Dome Parlor Lounge Observation 9330
"Silver Chateau" is at Chicago Union Station in April, 1972.
(Added 7/7/10.)

Penn Central coach 1534 and Amtrak coach 5463 (ex-SCL) is part of the shoreline express
equipment being moved to South Bay yard,, Boston in June, 1974.
(Added 7/10/10.)

Amtrak's "Southern Crescent" for Boston
arrives at New London, CT in March, 1973.
(Added 7/11/10.)

Ex-New Haven sleeper-lounge "Keystone State" at the 14th street yards, Chicago in 1973.
(Added 7/11/10.)

The "State House" departs Joliet, IL for Chicago in April, 1974.
(Added 7/11/10.)

In January, 1974 a shoreline express heads
south at Boston Switch, just north of Providence.
(Added 5/4/06.)

In April, 1972 the Abraham Lincoln leaves Chicago
northbound for Milwaukee trailing a ex-Burlington
Northern dome parlor observation.
(Added 1/10/06.)

It's October in 1971 and an early Amtrak express heads
south through Readville, Massachusetts behind E8 4267.
(Added 1/3/06.)

On a cold March day in 1972, the Southern
Crescent leaves Boston for warmer places.

As of November 14, 1971 timetable, the James Whitcomb Riley operated from
Boston to Chicago via Washington and Cincinnati. Here's the first Riley leaving
Boston's Back Bay Station with a P70 Coach, ex-Seaboard coaches, an ex-C&O
coach and diner lounge, and an ex-UP sleeper.

In these June, 1972 shots, the northbound
Silver Star arrives and departs Alexandria, VA.

The original TurboTrain arrives
at Back Bay, Boston in June 1971.

Trenton, New Jersey sees a Metroliner pass as an
Alco RS2 moves north in this November, 1974 view.

It's April 29, 1972 and an ex-Santa Fe switcher backs the
equipment for the Super Chief/El Capitan over the 21st Street
drawbridge toward Chicago Union Station.

The St. Clair leaves Chicago for Detroit on April 29, 1972 trailing
ex-Penn Central, ex- Pennsylvania, ex-Rio Grande lounge car 4449.

A New York-bound express is at Zoo Junction, Philadelphia behind GG1s 4921 and 4922
in this September, 1971 shot. This corridor train reflects the hodge-podge of equipment
Amtrak inherited from the Penn Central.

On a messy February day in 1972 the James Whitcomb Riley leaves
Boston with an interesting consist of ex-Union Pacific and ex-Chesapeake
and Ohio equipment as well as the usual ex-Penn Central and ex-Seaboard stuff.

A significant snow storm in December, 1975 blankets
Boston as an Amtrak express with new Amfleet cars
leaves Back Bay Station.

The eastbound Empire Builder arrives at Milwaukee in April 1974
behind a trio of F7 locomotives and includes great dome Glacier View..

It's April, 1974 and the Blackhawk leaves
Chicago with three RDCs as a consist.

It's April, 1972 and the James Whitcomb Riley departs Chicago.

GG1 926 leads a northbound express
at Elizabeth, NJ in October 1973.

GG1 locomotive 4933 heads a southbound train
just out of Newark, New Jersey in October 1973.

The National Limited stops at Paoli, Pennsylvania
behind GG1 919 in this November 1974 scene.

In August 1975 one of the two Roger Williams train
cab units sits at New Haven, Connecticut with a fresh
face in Amtrak red.

In December 1973 three units of the two Roger Williams train
make up the "Bay State", westbound at Framingham, MA.

For a time Amtrak operated a Boston-Miami "Champion" train.
Here are three views of one racing south through Readville,
Massachusetts in October, 1973.

It's a late afternoon in May, 1973 and the Merchants Limited
departs South Station, Boston. Following the "parlor club car" is
ex-New York Central Grill Diner 8334.

A new Amtrak French RTG Turboliner
at Joliet, Illinois in April, 1974.

Former Santa Fe Fairbanks-Morse switcher 543 shuttles between Chicago's
Union Station and the former Santa Fe coach yard in this April 1972 view.

In April, 1972, the "James Whitcomb Riley", arriving from Boston, leaves
the IC main line in Chicago, on its long approach to Union Station.

The same day as above, the eastbound "Riley" leaves Chicago.

In this April, 1972 sequence, a multi-hued North Coast Hiawatha departs
Chicago for the west coast. With a variety of cars, ending with ex-Great Northern's
sleeper observation "Cathedral Mountain", the train makes a great sight.

Former Santa Fe Alco RS-1s 2397 and 2399 at the
former SF coach yard in Chicago on April 29, 1972.

Ex-Santa Fe baggage 3666 and a
dormitory lounge at Chicago, April 29, 1972.

Ex-Santa Fe hi-level coaches at Chicago, April 29, 1972.

Ex-Santa Fe pleasure dome lounge 502 at Chicago, April 29, 1972.

Ex-Santa Fe diner 605 and pleasure dome lounge 502 at Chicago, April 29, 1972.

Ex-Santa Fe sleeper "Pine Dale" at Chicago, April 29, 1972.
(Added 7/11/10.)

The Texas Chief at 14th Street, Chicago on April 29, 1972.
The lounge in the center image is "Picuris".

The equipment for a very long Panama Limited at 14th Street, Chicago on April 29, 1972.
(Added 9/6/10.)


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