Amtrak 1981-1985

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Here are shots of Amtrak trains earlier during its second decade.

It's July, 1983 and this is the "New England Metroliner"
ready for departure from Boston.
(Added 3/16/06.)

In May, 1981 we have all heritage equipment on the
"Lakeshore Limited" ready to leave for Chicago.
(Added 3/16/06.)

The Lakeshore's heritage lounge is "General Lafayette,"
a former Penn Central, former Pennsylvania Railroad
Congressional/Senator parlor car of 1951.
(Added 3/16/06.)

Alco RS2 106 moves in to take the "Night Owl" equipment to
the yards after its Boston arrival in November, 1982.
(Added 3/16/06.)

The consist of the "Night Owl" includes several 4700 series heritage coaches.
(Added 3/16/06.)

RS2 104 takes the inbound "Lakeshore Limited"
equipment to the yards on August 29, 1984.
(Added 3/16/06.)

RS2 104 sits at South Bay, Boston in April, 1984.
(Added 3/2/07.)

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