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It is May 10, 1984, a few days before the inauguration
of the new Gatwick Express service, with refurbished Mark II
stock. Here at Clapham Junction one set of express
equipment is test running.
(Added 2/18/06.)

Class 319 EMU waits for departure
at Brighton, England in October, 1990.
(Added 11/27/05.)

Class 319 EMUs approaching Victoria
Station, London in October, 1990.
(Added 11/27/05.)

Class 421/2 EMUs from London arrive at
Gatwick Airport on a dreary day in April, 1981.

Class 421/2 at Gatwick Airport in April, 1981.

In October, 1978 a Deltic diesel arrives at
London Kings Cross with an express from the north.

In October, 1978 a Class 47 diesel arrives at
London Kings Cross with a train from the north.

Class 411/2 EMUs wait at Dover Priory for
later service in this April 1981 view.

Class 55 Deltic Diesel 55 009 arrives at Grantham,
on the East Coast Main Line, with an express for London.

Class 442 Wessex Electric waits at Waterloo Station,
London for its next service. These are the world's
fastest third rail-powered trains.

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