Canadian National

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An ancient instruction car at St. Johns, Newfoundland in August 1961.
(Added 9/3/10.)

An RDC train passes the Spadina engine facilities in
Toronto on the late afternoon of March 22, 1969.
(Added 1/23/06.)

Train 41, the Erie, heads west at Sunnyside in
Toronto during the evening rush hour on June 23, 1966.

A Toronto-bound Tempo train approaches
Bathurst Street on March 22, 1969

Here CN's Newfoundland operation's train 1, the Caribou, prepares
to leave St. Johns for Port Aux Basques. The second shot has the
Caribou rolling through the southeastern part of the province.
Both pictures are from August, 1961.

It's an August, 1961 early morning in North Sydney, Nova Scotia
and the RDC train for Truro and Halifax arrives. This train
connects with the Ocean Limited at Truro.

In August, 1961 on Canadian National's Newfoundland narrow gauge, the tri-weekly
Bonavista branch mixed train does station work at Trinity Junction, then departs for Bonavista.

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