Illinois Central

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It's April 29, 1972 at 21st street, Chicago and several
GP 40 pairs are moving west. At the right is Amtrak's
Super Chief equipment.
(Added 9/16/06)

In April, 1974 a train of then-new Highliner MUs
is stopping at 12th Street station, Chicago.
(Added 9/16/06)

At 63rd Street station, Chicago on November 14, 1966 are northbound
and southbound MU trains. Rumbling across the bridge in the distance
is a CTA train for Jackson Park.
(Added 9/16/06)

Blue Island, Illinois IC station, across the street from
the Rock Island station, sees this two-car MU train
on November 11, 1966.
(Added 9/16/06)

It's April, 1974 and this former GM&O Alco
switcher is on a transfer run at Joliet, Illinois.
(Added 9/16/06)

At 18th Street, Chicago on September 2, 1968, switcher
200 backs a set of coaches toward Central Station.
(Added 9/16/06)

On September 2,1 968, E7 4015 backs toward
Central Station, Chicago for its train to Cincinnati.
(Added 9/16/06)

It's September 2, 1968 and Illinois Central's City of New Orleans is heavy with passengers
leaving Chicago after the Democratic Convention. The train is at 18th Street.

18th Street, Chicago also sees the Governor's Special
depart on September 2, 1968.

It's September 2, 1968 and the City of Miami is
passing through South Chicago enroute to its namesake city.

Also in South Chicago the same day, the remnant of
the James Whitcomb Riley heads for Cincinnati.

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