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Here are shots of Boston's commuter trains.

On a gray day in August, 1979, several RDCs, including
a black and white zebra as a steam generator car and
another as a cab car, sit at South Station, Boston.

(Added 7/14/10.)

Ex-Penn Central RDCs 46 and 42 are
leaving South Station in July, 1977.

(Added 7/14/10.)

GP9 7538 in MBTA colors sits in line of locomotives
at South Station on a Sunday in August, 1977.
(Added 7/14/10.)

Purple, silver and black mark a newly-painted
ex-New Haven coach at South Station, Boston in July 1977.
(Added 7/14/10.)

Budd's SPV demonstrater rests at South Station, Boston in April, 1978.
(Added 7/14/10.)

In September, 1977 a B&M RDC, with the MBTA purple stripe,
leaves South Station and passes an Amtrak train from Washington
with then new Amfleet equipment.
(Added 1/24/06.)

A near-zero December 26, 1977 sees action at South Station's
throat, with leased Delaware & Hudson Alco PA1
locomotives, former Penn Central E8s, a B&M switcher and RDCs.
(Added 4/2/07.)

Earlier, in July 1977, South Station rush hour sees a former Amtrak E8
leading a train of ex-New Haven postwar cars. Later an inbound train of the
same type cars are led past the Boston & Maine switcher by an ex-New Haven GP9.
(Added 4/2/07.)

In August, 1979 rebuilt F10s were active, one seen here with a train of
RDC "coaches". In the same month, ex-B&M RDC 6134 shows off a
new paint scheme. The F10 leading GO Transit coaches is from May, 1981.
(Added 4/2/07.)

April, 1983 sees the South Station B&M switcher with RDC-9s.
By April 1984, the T had their own decals on a just-primed switcher.
(Added 4/2/07.)

In June 1989 new equipment shines with this F40PH leading MBB and
rebuilt former RDC coaches. The new high level platforms at rebuilt
South Station make for a more pleasant environment.
(Added 4/2/07.)

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