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Part of the evening rush hour on July 3, 1967 sees this
GP9-powered local leaving South Station, Boston.
(Added 7/13/10)

It's December 17, 1963 and RDCs 37 and 40 wait at
Massachusetts before a return trip to Boston.
(Right photo added 5/21/04.)

FL9 2043 leads a mail and express train
at Route 128 station on May 7, 1966.
(Added 5/21/06.)

Diesels and coaches occupy the rip tracks at
Dover Street, South Boston in February, 1965.
(Added 5/21/06.)

RDCs, baggage, and express cars pack the Dover Street
yards at South Boston in these 1967 shots.
(Added 5/21/06.)

An RDC is surrounded by commuter equipment
at Providence station on May 4, 1963.
(Added 5/21/06.)

Sleeper Napatree Point is at Providence
in this May 4, 1963 shot.
(Added 5/21/06.)

The Yankee Clipper is slowing for a Back Bay
station, Boston arrival on September 18, 1966.
(Added 5/21/06.)

Single RDC 31 leaves South Station,
Boston on a cold December 17, 1963.
(Added 4/24/06.)

The Merchant's Limited leaves
South Station, Boston on July 3, 1967.
(Added 4/24/06.)

FL9 2002 leads the Gilt Edge as it approaches Route
128 station enroute to New York on May 7, 1966.
(Added 4/19//06.)

On shop trucks are the bodies of a coach and grill car at Readville,
Massachusetts on September 18, 1966. The heavyweight coach photo
was taken on February 23, 1966.
(Added 4/19//06 and 5/21/06.)

A pair of FL9s are being serviced at
South Boston on a bleak February day in 1965.
(Added 2/9//06.)

A slew of RDCs occupy the diesel servicing
facilities at South Boston on May 21, 1967.
(Added 4/19//06.)

For so many years this neon sign announced
that here, Back Bay Station in Boston, was the
place to go for trains to nearly everywhere.
(Added 1/21/06.)

RDC-3 129 leads two Roger Williams units south
at Forest Hills, Boston in January 1964. On the right
is the Forest Hills station and storage tracks of the
MTA's Main Line Elevated.

(Added 1/21/06.)

RDC-3 125 trails an RDC 1 into South Station,
Boston over the South Bay drawbridge on July 3, 1967.
(Added 1/21/06.)

Alco RS2 0512 sits at the servicing facility in
Framingham, MA in November, 1960.
(Added 12/21/05.)

Three cabooses sit at the Framingham, MA
yard in November, 1960.
(Added 12/21/05.)

An Alco RS2 leads six American Flyer cars to
Stoughton from South Station, Boston on July 3, 1967.
(Added 11/20/05.)

A five car RDC train leaves
South Station, Boston on July 3, 1967.
(Added 11/20/05.)

Ready for scrapping, a line of former parlor cars
sits at Readville, Massachusetts on February 23, 1963.
(Added 11/20/05.)

FL9 2041 leads the Gilt Edge at Route 128
station outside Boston on June, 9, 1963.
(Added 11/20/05.)

The Colonial arrives at Route 128 Station
behind FL9 2038 on September 18, 1966.
(Added 11/20/05.)

The Roger Williams 3-car set boards passengers
at Route 128 station outside Boston in April, 1964..
(Added 11/20/05.)

December 26, 1963 sees Pullman India Point at
Providence awaiting the evening departure of the
Federal to Washington.

The South Bay yards in Boston were full of
damaged RDCs in this February 1965 view.

Idle on a weekend in Putnam, Connecticut is RS3 0506.

A Fairbanks Morse road switcher at Putnam,
Connecticut on May 4, 1963.

A variety of commuter coaches rest at Providence,
Rhode Island on May 4, 1963.

The Merchant's Limited accelerates out of Back Bay
behind FL9 2042 on September 18, 1966.

On a rainy September day in 1967 a switcher works
the South Boston yards. In the distance the liner France
arrives at Commonwealth Pier before sailing for Europe.

A GP9 backs its train of several suburban coaches from
the South Boston yards into South Station on July 3, 1967.

The "Patriot" to Washington on June 17, 1965 speeds past at
Forest Hills, Boston with a friendly wave from the fireman. The
consist includes three parlor cars, a grill car and four coaches.

On March 12, 1967 FL9 2037 leads the "Gilt Edge"
past Forest Hills station enroute to New York.

In February 1965 an assortment of Alco and
FM diesels occupy the dead lines at South Boston.
Note the DL109, the last one in existence at the time.

In July, 1965 FL9 2008 leads the "Puritan" to
New York at Route 128 station outside Boston.

It's a February mid-afternoon in 1963 at Boston's South Station and
the "Colonial" is just in from Washington. On the right is equipment
for New York Central's "New England States" including a
Canadian Pacific "Grove" sleeper for Toronto service.

In December 1967 at Forest Hills, MA the inbound
"Colonial" rushes past with heavyweight parlor lounge
"Rotary Club" substituting for the normal lightweight
observation lounge.

A pair of U25Bs sit at the South Boston engine servicing
facility on a June 1965 day.

On a gray day in 1964, an impressive Yankee Clipper
(3 parlor cars, a grill car and 6 coaches)
heads for Back Bay Station on its trip from New York.

The interior of a former New Haven postwar coach,
essentially unchanged from its original appearance
except for the vinyl headrest area upholstery.

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