New York Central

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On February 16, 1963, sitting in Beacon Park Yard,
Boston, is a string of damaged commuter coaches.
(Added 3/13/06.)

The westbound"New England
States" at Framingham in April, 1962.
(Added 4/19/06.)

A late afternoon sun on the westbound "New England
States" at Natick, MA on October 16, 1966.
(Added 3/13/06.)

Eastbound to Boston, RDC M-464 stops
at Framingham, MA in February, 1962..
(Added 3/13/06.)

It's June, 1961 at Lake Cochituate,
Natick, MA where a westbound RDC passes.
(Added 3/13/06.)

It's October 15, 1967 and the "New England States"
is westbound at Riverside. In two months the train will
become a nameless connection to Albany.
(Added 3/13/06.)

RS3 5527 leads a train of suburban coaches
out of South Station, Boston on July 3, 1967.
(Added 3/12/06.)

E7 4004, an early model, at Framingham, Mass. with the
"New England States" trailing business 4 car in October 1962.
(Added 3/12/06.)

Chesapeake & Ohio 11 bedroom sleeper "Natural Bridge"
and a business car bring up the rear of the "New England States"
at Natick, MA in November, 1960.
(Added 3/12/06.)

Substituting for an RDC, an E7 leads two coaches west at Natick,
MA on the morning train to Albany in February, 1961..
(Added 3/12/06.)

In April, 1962 a light engine move of cab and hood
units crosses the river at Huntinton, MA.
(Added 3/12/06.)

On February 16, 1963, Steamtown's locomotive 15 was at
Trinity Place Station and at Beacon Park Yard (here) for
filming scenes for the motion picture "The Cardinal."
Sharing the scene is an RDC and several E8 units.
(Added 3/12/06.)

Yonkers, NY sees a train of then-new MU cars arrive
enroute to Grand Central on July 31, 1962.
(Added 3/12/06.)

A pair of westbound RDCs arrive at
Framingham, MA in February, 1962.
(Added 3/12/06.)

On sidings at Framingham, MA, a pair of
NYC RPO cars sit idle in April, 1962.
(Added 3/12/06.)

E8 4078 leads two E7s with the westbound Chicagoan
out of Cleveland, OH in December, 1967.
(Added 3/12/06.)

Alco S2 switcher 8553 sits at Framingham,
MA on a bright November afternoon in 1960.
(Added 1/27/06. It's also the first slide photo I ever took.)

It is October, 1962 and three E units move
the "New England States" west at Natick, MA.
(Added 1/27/06.)

This is the morning train to Albany with RS2 5523 and
coach 2939 at Framingham, Mass. on January 15, 1967.

E8 4076 is ready for departure heading the "New England States"
at South Station, Boston on February 23, 1963.

E8 4080 leads a Framingham suburban train
out of South Station, Boston on July 3, 1967.

E7 4007 arrives at Trinity Place Station, Boston in February 1964 with the westbound "New England States."
The train consist includes Canadian Pacific sleeper "Cloverdale" for Toronto. The surrounding area reflects
construction of the Massachusetts Turnpike extension, soon to result in demolition of the station.

It is early morning in Cleveland in December, 1967 and New York Central's
westbound "Chicagoan" has ended its station stop at Cleveland Union Terminal
and is accelerating over the Cuyahoga River bridge.

GP9 7415 moves light through Englewood station,
South Chicago on November 13, 1966.

The westbound Michigan, arriving from Detroit, is at
Englewood station, South Chicago on November 13, 1966.

It's November 1960 and E7 4014 arrives at Boston's
South Station with a suburban train from Framingham.
At left are sleepers on the New Haven's recently
arrived "Owl" from New York.

In March 1962 three matched E7s (A-B-A) lead the
"New England States" west through Natick, Mass.

A pair of Alco RS2s lead a caboose and
flanger at Natick, Mass. in February, 1961.

FA units lead a westbound freight and, at the right,
an eastbound at Natick, Mass. in February, 1961.

A "Beeliner," bound for Boston, passes Lake
Cochituate in Natick, Mass. in February, 1962.

Another "Beeliner," bound for Boston,
at Natick, Mass. in July, 1961.

The "New England States" arrives in Framingham, Mass.
enroute to Chicago in this November 1960 view.

The eastbound "New England States" passes
Lake Cochituate in Natick, Mass. in June, 1961.

Yonkers, New York on July 31, 1965 sees an
ex-Cleveland Union Terminal electric hauling
a northbound local into the station.

It's November 1966 and the "20th Century Limited"
is arriving at LaSalle Street Station, Chicago.

A pair of E7s lead the "New York Special" from LaSalle
Street Station, Chicago on November, 12, 1966.

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